Days 10-15

i really wanted to post more last week, but the week just got out of control. i mentioned that i had a catering interview last wed - well i think it got it assuming that the background check goes ok :)  i did get an email back from the manager at wolfgang puck catering and i since i didn't include my entire address history on the application, i had to email him back with that info. it's really not my fault that my 8 addresses in the last 10 yrs didn't fit in the 4 lines on the form...anyway, $17/hr and it's work as much or as little as you want and you're not tied to a set schedule, i think i'm into it.

i also spent time responding to more studies and have updated the other page with details. oh and i did a focus group on eye care on thursday and made a fun and easy $150!

what else? i think a lot of stuff happened during the last 5 days... the most exciting part -- we went to j.crew wedding yesterday for an appointment. i was a bit nervous and wasn't sure what to expect since it was our 1st time trying on dresses. but since we were in the j.crew store, it wasn't too overwhelming and was actually kind of fun once you got into it.
and the crazy part?! we ordered these 2 dresses! liana is going for a different color instead of the brown (see the blue dress below). i think the blue and aluminum will work well together. i'm still not sure if i love my dress or if it's too plain, but once i spend some time looking at funky shoes, perhaps a blue sash, or fun hair piece, it could work out...

the best part is that they weren't that much and we can return them if they don't work out. i still can't believe that we just ordered dresses, but it's exciting. we're still planning to look around more, but you never know.  we were also on the fence whether we should go shopping together for dresses. i'm so glad we decided to -- i didn't think about the importance in the fabrics as well as the colors and styles needing to complement each other. who knew?! screw 'tradition' - we need to look good!


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in an effort to keep me sane, relaxed, organized, humored, and hopefully useful to others, i'm going to document the next 365 days of wedding planning. i'd also like this to be a way to keep family and friends that don't live in boston feeling like they're in the know and involved over the next year. in a nutshell - liana and i are having a very non-traditional, modern wedding with vintage and sustainable elements. these 'elements' are still in progress and over the next year, we'll be on ebay, craigslist, random blogs and websites, trekking out to various antique fairs in New England, and using the skills of our friends and family for DIY projects.

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