Day 6

this morning, i was annoyed with a certain wedding blog that i shall not mention. i was simply trying to find the local wedding boards which are sometimes useful. the site keeps changing the content and location of various components and i decided to email the company to vent a little -- here's what i sent:

I'm not sure if I'm emailing the right place, so forgive me if I should have
found a link on the website for web issues. I find myself getting very
annoyed on a regular basis with A few complaints from a UI
1. the site links, icons, and content are not consistent. I realize that changes
are necessary to stay current, but the pages change on a weekly basis. For
example, there was a 'daily give away' section with a link from the top of the
main page. There was also a community board for specific locations as recent as
last week. The message board page was completely revamped recently and it's not
2. I get that you need advertisements, but when I spend 5-10 minutes trying to
locate helpful content in a jungle of pop-ups, loud videos, and small boxes
everywhere trying to sell me something, I quickly leave the site and head to
another blog or site where I know I can immediately find what I'm looking for or easily
search the site.
3. The vendors are probably picked based on the advertising money they spend,
but I have not been able to find any vendors I ended up using from your site. I
found my vendors elsewhere.

4. The search options are not efficient. I tried to search for my
ceremony/reception site and had to 1st search by location and type of vendor
from the main page (selected reception site, entered Boston). Then I was brought
to a 2nd page for a wedding venue search. Clearly my location was not saved. I
then had to enter more info into the local vendor fields to find what I was
looking for (Artists for Humanity). This is just an example of the inefficient
searching capability of

If the purpose of the site is to provide easy to find, useful, local resources
for planning a wedding, in my opinion, the site is decreasing in value.
Thanks for your time, I wanted to share my thoughts on the user interface of
your site.
 i'm not sure if i'll get a response or not, but i was irritated this morning when i was trying to relax and read up on fun wedding planning stuff.

bridal expo tomorrow -- maybe the website people will have a table and i'll be able to chat with them in person and give my two cents then. i also realize that i may sound like crazy person here, but i'm really not. these things just piss me off. i currently work with a team to implement a web based system and these types of  things are really important to maintain credibility. and really, the people who know me can attest that i'm not crazy :)


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