Day 9

Not much movement on the planning today. though i did get a call that I won a $300 gift certificate for some beauty treatment (laser hair removal or facial rejuvenation or something) and scheduled a consultation for this thurs. after reading the yelp reviews of this seemingly sketchy establishment, i think i may cancel the appointment. apparently everyone 'wins' this prize and this was nothing sad.

Other than that, i've been making lots of progress on research studies! and they are all single or 2-visit studies and so it's ethically ok to be in enrolled more than one at one time. read more on my funding the fun page for details.

and we suck and still haven't signed the contract with the photographer (no links to post ---don't want to jinx it yet). oh, i emailed this guy from cali who posted on craigslist that he's going to be in boston soon and wants to shoot engaged couples. i need to let him know we are probably not interested in buying much (or anything at all), but i think he wants experience, so that should be cool.


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in an effort to keep me sane, relaxed, organized, humored, and hopefully useful to others, i'm going to document the next 365 days of wedding planning. i'd also like this to be a way to keep family and friends that don't live in boston feeling like they're in the know and involved over the next year. in a nutshell - liana and i are having a very non-traditional, modern wedding with vintage and sustainable elements. these 'elements' are still in progress and over the next year, we'll be on ebay, craigslist, random blogs and websites, trekking out to various antique fairs in New England, and using the skills of our friends and family for DIY projects.

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