Day 2

so i've spent some time this evening trying to find random gigs and focus groups to fund this shindig and hopefully have a few leads on a server gig and research study.

Other than that, i've been stalking the few blogs i have listed and entering contests. yes, i do realize that my chances of winning the everyday food $5000 tour of italy and kitchen renovation contest ( are slim to none, i am still a believer that it's worth a shot. what are 10 mins of my day entering a few contests if i end up winning an amazing prize? i've actually had a bit of luck so far too - i won a large fake gold and pearl fashion ring that was actually kind of cool, but i just don't think i'll be able to pull it off. i mean i know i'm pretty hip and trendy, i'm just not sure about this one.  oh and as an FYI, JCPenney does an online wedding registry party and they give out some good swag. granted it was painful watching the webinar thing, but the crazy bride-to-be's in the chat room are amusing. i almost asked if there were any other gay weddings out there, but i decided to forgo that question and focus on the contest at hand. unfortunately i didn't win any of the prizes during the show, but i did receive an unexpected UPS package a few days later full of kitchenaid kitchen tools. liana may laugh at me, but she is reaping the benefits - the scrambled eggs were just so much better with a heavy duty spatula!

we will need to spend some time in the future canceling the many store registries i've created --oh well, i'll sleep better knowing i'm still in the running for some amazing grand prize somewhere.


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in an effort to keep me sane, relaxed, organized, humored, and hopefully useful to others, i'm going to document the next 365 days of wedding planning. i'd also like this to be a way to keep family and friends that don't live in boston feeling like they're in the know and involved over the next year. in a nutshell - liana and i are having a very non-traditional, modern wedding with vintage and sustainable elements. these 'elements' are still in progress and over the next year, we'll be on ebay, craigslist, random blogs and websites, trekking out to various antique fairs in New England, and using the skills of our friends and family for DIY projects.

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