Days 320 - 323

Monday, Monday, Monday...

so the weekend was super productive! friday was awesome -- got up early and made liana measure the shutters with me (before she even had coffee, which was pretty risky!). then we we spent a while at AFH scoping out the space with ashley and taking all kinds of measurements and really figuring out where things like the photo booth and bird bath will go. we also made some decisions around how to display our old photos and felling pretty good about stuff. we also snuck into the custom house observatory for an amazing view of the city! this is my new favorite place to take out of town guests! and then we went to a bar to see our DJ who had a gig that night. while it wasn't quite the music we're going for, he did a darn good job. now i just need to email him to make sure we didn't scare him away with our list of 100+ songs...

on saturday, we spent a few hours chatting and researching ceremony stuff and the 1st draft was sent to Jess for edits!

and on sunday i found another craigslist find and we made a quick trip out to rowley, ma for some vintage windows --
the plan is to add some pics to the panes as more decor.

oh and i may have found another guy selling shutters and may try to convince liana that we could use just a few more...stay tuned


Anonymous August 20, 2011 at 8:03 PM  

ok, take a deep breath the clock is ticking :)

jess September 6, 2011 at 10:43 PM  

yes it is.

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