days 123-139

i spent the early morning hours catching up on the blogs i follow and came across yet another inspirational site - the found blog - a group that rents out vintage 'stuff'. so smart. no, i'm not about to rent out a vintage bath tub for a shoot or anything, but there are just some really cool shots giving me more ideas. we've been into the look of having empty picture frames hanging in our house and we've got some ideas for doing this with bright frames in the AFH courtyard --

 oh, we got the flower buckets, which are really cool so the 2nd bedroom is truly becoming overwhelming and stuffed to the gills. the best part is that one would not expect the collection of items in the room would be used in a wedding.  haha - i love it.

oh and here i am in all of my tiara glory---

and here are the girls--

more pics from the shower are in the picasa album (link under 'pages' on the right side of the screen)

days 113 - 122

one of my 2011 resolutions is to post more often - and then i came down with a nasty 'sinus infection gone wrong' as my doctor said. so, i'm finally feeling better and am starting this resolution today and will try my very best-est to post at least once a week! i don't expect it to be too hard, since there's more happening the closer we get to sept.
so things that have been happening / need to happen...

  • contract signed with PictureThis - the high tech photobooth. yeah!
  • received invite for menu tasting -- this means that we need to pick out our top choices and send them in so we can schedule the tasting soon. i really hope that the saturday time slots are not filled up yet - fingers crossed!! stay tuned for menu selections
  • updated the wedding spreadsheet this week -- of course, since i love data, i am tracking every dollar spent, what we expect to spend, where we spent it, as well as guest list details and notes
  • found out that some save the dates never made it to the address...damn! at least we still have some left over, so i'd like to re-send soon and contact people who we haven't heard from to see if they received the post card or not...ugh
  • spotted some cheap french flower buckets from a classified posting on weddingbee that were used in a wedding in florida and snagged them up. they should be arriving this week!
  • added some dates to my google calendar. i'll have to play with it to see how it can be shared
  • need to look at hotels and how the whole reserve-a block-of-rooms-thing actually works
well it's a snow day today, so hopefully i can be productive and get stuff done!

days 93 -112

the past 2 weeks or so have been crazy (i'm sure like it's been for everyone else). i've been fighting a cold since returning from michigan over a week ago and have not had the energy to do much of anything, though i've been trying to keep some mental notes about things i wanted to share:
  • we received our invitation for the menu tasting, which is pretty exciting. stay tuned...hope to schedule this within the next month or 2 before 'wedding season' starts up for the catering team 
  • while in michigan, i may or may not have experienced a very pink and sparkly surprise shower from my dear friends. amy and roxanne invited liana via skype, but since we are still very low-tech,  unfortunately she could not attend from boston. it was very much a surprise, and in true amy-style, i showed up at her house expecting to go to dinner at paesano's, and instead got 'surprise! you're having a surprise shower downstairs tonight' and we continued to deal with the chaos of the day, while the fantastic chris picked up food at ma kigers while having to deal with a sick dog at the hospital. and of course they pulled it together just in time for my mom to arrive, along with the sarah's. it was perfect and i am so grateful that these amazing (and generous!) women are still a part of my life (even though i'm really bad about keeping in touch -- this is one of my 2011 resolutions!).the room was covered in pink tulle, glittery hanging things from the ceiling and i was crowned with a lovely tiara (oh yes, with a veil). can i just say, this is so not me AT ALL and yet this is one of the many reasons i love these fools. oh and we had 2 games too -- these were actually pretty fun, the jess-bingo had us laughing and telling so many stories of our 10+ years as friends (some of which my mom probably didn't need to hear :). pictures will be posted soon. one of the most memorable moments is from little chase - "'eeewwww -- it smells like girls down here!"

  • and we have our 'something magical' to wear (yes, i just decided that a 'something magical' is necessary) - we each received beautifully knitted shawls that were created with an actual love spell. thank you rebecca!
  • during a visit to brooklyn this fall, while spending the day in pj's, and sipping some vino, (liana and sister sharing a pair of cat socks), we discovered the section quartet and loved their music. according to wikipedia, 'it specializes in turning popular rock songs into classical quartet pieces'. you may hear some of their work during cocktail hour...
    i'm feeling ok about the wedding planning status at this point, which also makes me a bit nervous. i think the plan today will be to set up a google calendar and plug in some dates for things that we know need to happen to get a better sense of time lines. i also want to figure out how to link my evernote notebook to this site, since i'm a bit obsessed with using it, but we'll see.
    yeah for an exciting 2011!!

    update: yes! i was able to add my evernote notbook as a link to the 'sites i'm finding useful' on the right side of the page.

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