days 173 - 176

earlier this week, tracy sent me the link to these shoes on etsy and i can't stop thinking about them. and not in an obsessed kind of way, but in that i wasn't sure about them - i've never really been that interested in peacock feathers. but after a few days, i'm finding myself drawn to them. i'm intrigued. and as she pointed out, they are under 2 inches, so after practicing, maybe i won't fall down too many times. also, i'm in a wedding in may and amy's colors are purple and black. i'm wondering if i could pull these off with the black dress i'll be wearing in her wedding - just have to make sure the other ladies are wearing purple shoes too. and i need to figure out whether or not they are a bit too much for a bridesmaid...hhhmmm...

days 152 - 172

wow - so i have absolutely no idea where the last few weeks have gone! i think i'm just feeling a bit like i have nothing important to say about progress and things. one exciting thing did happen today though - as you may or may not know, i like to enter a contest here and there and just found out that i won 12 custom wine wings from wine on deck. and so we need to give them some artwork or message to laser engrave into the wing. this should get's an example of what we're talking about here-

what do we do for the design? and what do we do with 12 of these? stay tuned...i need to email this guy soon, so please send ideas if you have them. i'm not super into the idea of using our names/wedding date on this as people generally don't need to display another couples wedding info in their homes, but who knows, perhaps we'll come up with something cool,  that's just my initial thought.

what else? not quite sure, this was really the highlight of my day :)
oh i had an all day research study yesterday and will make $400 in a month or so and maybe i just had to take a small dose of some hormone, which in no way had an any impact on my very calm day at work today. totally worth it though, especially since we're thinking about doing engagement pics. let's be honest, i am really not that photogenic and often get what i like to call crazy eyes in pictures and could really use some practice in front of the camera. besides, how fun would it be to do some shots in regular, oh just threw this on, outfits in the places that have meant a lot to us over the past 7 years?! we're thinking harvard square --- charlie's kitchen , noir, and maybe even just between stops somewhere on the T. Anyway, not sure if this is really going to happen or not, but stay tuned.

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in an effort to keep me sane, relaxed, organized, humored, and hopefully useful to others, i'm going to document the next 365 days of wedding planning. i'd also like this to be a way to keep family and friends that don't live in boston feeling like they're in the know and involved over the next year. in a nutshell - liana and i are having a very non-traditional, modern wedding with vintage and sustainable elements. these 'elements' are still in progress and over the next year, we'll be on ebay, craigslist, random blogs and websites, trekking out to various antique fairs in New England, and using the skills of our friends and family for DIY projects.

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