Days 211 - 237

wow -- so i'm a complete slacker, but the days have just been going by so quickly and all of a sudden weeks go by. but this just means that i have lots of updates.
  1. we've ordered (and received this week!) our invites! that feels like a pretty big accomplishment and we're really excited about them. let's just say that they are in line with our green / sustainable ideas
  2. we found a make-up artist and had a trial with lissa and she was great. of course we got all fancy on a stormy day wearing casual clothes and so it was a bit strange, and we both felt a bit, well, not like ourselves, but oh well. we're excited to work with her though.
  3. hotel blocks are set and the website has been updated with details
  4. this week we met with and booked our dj -- he was great - super laid back and seemed to be a good fit. now we get to really start to think about the music choices. and he liked our secret potential cute/silly 1st dance song...
  5. and maybe the most exciting update--- it turns out i do not always end up with crazy eyes and awkward smiles in pictures! we spent about 3 hrs last saturday in harvard and central squares with ashley and had a blast! i think we ended up taking photos in at least 10 different spots including having a few beers in charlie's kitchen, a random alley in harvard square (that i'd never even noticed before), riding the redline, a quiet neighborhood street outside of central, standing outside of the middle east bar, among the funky murals in central sq, and ended up walking over a bridge across the charles river around sunset. the light came out just as we started shooting and the weather was perfect. check out the pics on her blog - this was the best idea EVER!

    and with no real plans this weekend, there will be time to sit down and look at our to-do list. still feeling pretty ok about progress, but i'm just a bit nervous and hope that our ideas come together. it's brimfield antique fair time again and we're planning to go next weekend with the hopes to find any remaining 'things' we need for the space. 


    Princess Lili May 7, 2011 at 4:23 PM  

    Yeah!! Nice update baby.
    We had so much fun being models for the day- and are lucky to have the most phenomenal photographer. She is so talented and so much fun to be around. Getting sooo excited, only 4 months away!

    Tracy May 13, 2011 at 1:05 PM  

    potential first dance song - is it "Ice Cream' by Sarah M?

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